A Guide to Masoneilan Anti-Cavitation Control Valves

In a previous article, we described the problems associated with cavitation in control valves. Namely, cavitation can damage your valves and cause them to fail. Since a valve is often the final control element in your system, failure simply isn’t an option.

GE’s Masoneilan is an established leader in the control valve market. Here are six valves with anti-cavitation features from the Masoneilan product line. These valves provide maximum performance in a variety of challenging applications where cavitation is an issue.

Masoneilan valves designed for anti-cavitation

Masoneilan 78400/18400 Series LincolnLog: High-pressure anti-cavitation control valve

If your application involves harsh environments and dirty liquids, this is the valve for you.

The LincolnLog control valve was specifically designed to eliminate cavitation and erosion in high-pressure liquid service applications. It provides long-term reliability over a long service life for a wide variety of applications.

Learn more about the 78400/18400 Series LincolnLog control valve.

Masoneilan 79000 Series: Angle-style anti-cavitation valves

Designed for anti-cavitation service, the 79000 Series includes small but powerful control valves.

These valves come with multi-stage variable-resistance trim (VRT) to eliminate cavitation in a wide range of operating conditions, such as the ramp-up transition of a normal feedwater pump.

Learn more about the 79000 Series control valves.

Other Masoneilan valves with anti-cavitation trim options

Masoneilan 21000 Series: High-performance control valves for automated process control applications

From general services to steam pressure applications, the 21000 Series is a go-to control valve for automated process control, even in extreme conditions.

This valve has both single- and double-stage anti-cavitation trim options to control dynamic cavitation, which helps both lower maintenance costs and extend the valve life cycle. Special packing and sealing options are also available to reduce hazard emissions and achieve clean air compliance.

Learn more about the 21000 Series control valves.

Masoneilan 28000 Series: Microflow control valves

Precise control is a must in low-flow applications. With the 28000 Series, you get the precision you need thanks to the support of a wide range of nominal Cv values.

These valves can also be fitted with the Varilog multi-stage trim design to combat cavitation, protecting the valve from failure-causing erosion and vibrations.

Learn more about the 28000 Series control valves.

Masoneilan 34002 Series: Trunnion-mounted ball valves

For fuel gas control applications, the 34002 Series T-BALL provides a great solution.

This low-noise rotary control valve features non-clogging trip and high turndown ratios and is designed to minimize cavitation via its multi-stage, variable resistance trim (VRT).

Learn more about the 34002 Series control valves.

Masoneilan 41005 Series: Globe-style control valves for severe service conditions

Severe conditions require valves that can stand up to extremes without sacrificing performance. Masoneilan’s 41005 series of flexibly designed control valves can do just that.

These high-capacity valves are available with various trim options, including multi-stage anti-cavitation trim and high-pressure anti-cavitation VRT to protect the valves from cavitation damage in severe service conditions. They’re also compact, easy to maintain, and designed for high process yields and low operating costs.

Learn more about the 41005 Series control valves.

These are not all of the anti-cavitation valves Masoneilan offers, but they do give you a good idea of the types of valves and features available. For even greater control and performance, you can pair many of the valves on this list with the Masoneilan SVI II AP digital positioner.

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