Masoneilan SVI II AP – Advanced Performance Digital Positioner

Advanced Performance Digital Valve Positioner with True System Interoperability

The SVI II AP is an Advanced Performance positioner with HART® protocol, local display and pushbuttons for single and double-acting pneumatic control valves. Its universal and modular design with proven non-contact position sensor fits many applications offering high performance valve control with real-time diagnostics.

Key Features

  • Field-proven non-contact position sensor or remote-mount position feedback
  • Universal design for linear and rotary valve applications
  • Field upgradable options and firmware
  • Explosion proof external LCD & pushbuttons
  • Standard or high flow capacities eliminating or reducing the need of additional accessories (Booster, Quick Exhaust …)
  • Setup Wizard for quick and easy commissioning
  • Offline and online diagnostics
  • Two (2) configurable and built-in isolated solid-state switches
  • Position transmitter 4-20mA output
  • Universal label with ATEX, USA, Canada, IEC … approvals
  • ValVue™ communication software
  • eDDL and DTM (Standard and Advanced) support
  • Industrial aluminum or stainless steel housing


  • Faster commissioning and startup of control valves
  • Accurate and reliable valve positioning
  • Bi-directional communication for local or remote setup
  • Integration with many control systems and asset management software
  • Optimized performance regardless of actuator size
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