Safety. Reliability. Quality.

These were the principles on which Allied Valve was founded, and they are the principles we live by today. Our success is driven by our dedication to these principles in every aspect of our business.

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Over 500 years of collective valve and actuator industry experience

Our factory-trained, OEM-certified technicians deliver time-tested solutions that reduce downtime and costs while maintaining the integrity of your safety program.

  • Reduce plant maintenance costs
  • Reduce capital requirements
  • Decrease regulatory compliance costs
  • Avoid catastrophic system failures
  • Reduce downtime and costs
  • Maintain system reliability

Millions of dollars of inventory in stock

Meet tight production schedules and reduce downtime with 24/7/365 services delivered on-time, on-site, and in-person.

  • 6 locations in the United States
  • 24/7/365 customer service

Reduced mobilization charges

You no longer need to hire different companies to service types of valves. We dispatch local teams to service and repair all of your valves, saving you 10 to 30% in mobilization charges associated with getting technicians onto your site.

A history of industry leadership

Allied Valve Inc. has a long history of leadership in the valve industry.

  • We are ASME authorized assemblers in the U.S for safety valves.
  •  Allied holds one of the longest-standing “VR” stamps for valve repair in the country.

Allied Valve Inc. today

Today, with six facilities ranging from North Dakota to Indiana, Allied Valve employs more than 100 people and is a leading supplier of relief valves and valve services in the upper Midwest. We operate five Consolidated Green Tag Centers, two authorized Kunkle Assemblers plants, and one Masonelian MARC Center.