Masoneilan 28000 Series Varipak Control Valves

Precise Microflow valves with compact design and flexible capabilities


  • Type: Globe style; Angle style optional
  • Sizes: 1″ (DN 25) standard; 1/2″ (DN 15) and 3/4″ (DN 20) optional
  • Materials: Standard: type 316L St. St.; Optional: Monel®, Hastelloy® C, Alloy 20, others
  • Options: Flanged valve, Anti-cavitation Varilog, High pressure, Bellows seal, Cryogenic, Angle valve, NACE version


  • Plug type: Contoured, heavy top guided; Multi-staged anti-cavitation (Varilog) optional
  • Seat type: Metal seat
  • CVratio: 500/1 at max. CV; 200/1 at min. CV
  • Flow characteristics: linear (trim No. 0 to 5); modified linear (trim No. 6 to 9)
  • Flow Direction: flow-to-open; Flow-to-close optional


  • Type: Spring-opposed rolling diaphragm
  • Action: Direct or reverse, easily performed without additional parts
  • Cadjustment: Optional adjustable knob/lever
  • Handwheel: Optional top mounted
  • Air connection: 1/8″ NPT
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