Masoneilan 41005 Series Cage-Guided Globe Valves

Dependable globe-style control valve solutions for maximum performance in severe service conditions

Product Features

Pressure-Balanced Trim

  • Reduced Actuator Size and Thrust Requirements
  • High-Pressure Drop Capability
  • Smooth and Efficient Throttling Process Control

High-Capacity Design

  • Large, Streamlined Body-Bowl Design
  • Maximum Single-Port Orifice Sizes
  • Flexible Flow Characterization
  • Optional High-Capacity Version

Heavy Cage Guiding

  • Valve-Plug Guiding Over Full Stroke Range
  • Excellent Trim Alignment and Dynamic Stability
  • Enhanced Guiding to Reduce Mechanical and Flow-Induced Vibration Effects

Wide Operating Range

  • Various Noise-Attenuation and Anti-Cavitation Trims
  • Optimized Price-to-Performance Balance-Seal Options
  • Wide Range of Standard Sizes and Pressure Ratings
  • High- and Low-Temperature Configurations

Severe-Service Options

  • Multi-Stage Anti-Cavitation Trim
  • V-LOG* Tortuous-Path Energy Management Trim
  • High-Pressure Anti-Cavitation Variable-Resistance Trim (VRT* )
  • Custom-Characterized Cages


  • Sizes: 2” through 24”
  • ANSI Ratings: Class 150 through 2500
  • ANSI Leakage: Class III, IV, V
  • Cv Range: 10 to 6600
  • Temperature Range: -320°F to 1050°F
  • Materials: Carbon Steel, stainless steel, chrome-moly, other alloys
  • Connections: NPT, flanged, socket weld, butt weld
  • Actuators: Spring-diaphragm, pneumatic cylinder


  • Auxiliary steam
  • Boiler feedwater
  • Condensate recirculation
  • Deaerator pegging steam
  • Deaerator level control
  • Turbine bypass
  • Soot blower
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