Masoneilan Control Valves: Repair or Replace?

Poor-performing control valves can cause serious problems along your processing lines and pipelines. They can result in inefficiencies, decreased quality and downtime, all of which affect your bottom line.

So, if you have a bad actor, what should you do? Should you repair the control valve or replace it?

When to repair your Masoneilan control valves

In most cases, repair is the most cost-effective option. Repair can return your valve to like-new condition and save you upwards of 50% compared to replacement.


To realize these benefits, you need to ensure that the repair technicians who work on your valves are properly trained and certified.

How will you know if the technicians are qualified to do the job? Look for a Masoneilan Authorized Repair Center (MARC). Every MARC technician is required to complete factory-sponsored training on Masoneilan valve diagnostics and repair.

Other benefits of working with a MARC:

  • ValScope-PRO — This diagnostic tool allows you to detect when your control valves are losing performance so you can determine exactly what parts you need, rather than having to purchase an entire spare parts list.
  • OEM parts — This ensures you can always get the parts you need and lowers your inventory costs even more.
  • Warranty — When the work is performed by an authorized repair center, your warranty remains intact. At Allied, we and offer a one-year warranty on parts and labor on all control valve rebuilds.


When to replace your Masoneilan control valves

There are, of course, times when you do need to replace your Masoneilan valves.

  • When the cost of a new valve is less than the cost of repair. This is most common with small valves. In general, the larger the valve, the more cost-effective repair becomes.
  • When you’re upgrading the process or introducing other new technologies. There may be times when you need more modern equipment, for example, if you’re integrating digital technologies.
  • If your valve hasn’t been adequately maintained over time. With proper maintenance, control valves can easily last for decades. But, if you have aging equipment and you aren’t sure when’s the last time any maintenance was performed, you might benefit from new equipment.

There’s no cut and dried rule for deciding what’s right in every circumstance. Some companies will try to sell you a new control valve every time. But, in many cases, buying new is a waste of money — a MARC can repair your valve to like-new condition for half the cost.

Contact us to learn how you can save up to 50% on control valves. Five of Allied Valve’s six regional facilities are MARCs. If you’re in our sales and service area, we’d be happy to assist you.

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