What is a Masoneilan Authorized Repair Center (MARC)?

Earlier this year, we announced an expansion of our relationship with GE. Allied Valve is now authorized to sell, service, and repair GE’s complete line of Masoneilan products, including control valves, smart positioners, instrumentation, and the associated software within our sales and service territory.

Our partnership to sell Masoneilan products may be new, but our commitment to providing the best possible control valve service and repair is not. Five of our six regional service facilities are Masoneilan Authorized Repair Centers (MARCs).

Here’s what that means for you.

Comprehensive valve services, from industry-leading maintenance and repair to site surveys and shutdown planning

MARCs don’t just perform valve repair (though that’s certainly a core service offering). They are your partners for the full lifecycle of your valves. Whether you need commissioning assistance to ensure your valves are performing at their best, retrofits to upgrade older equipment, or diagnostics to improve your process and develop maintenance schedules, your local MARC has your back.

When valve repair is what you need, MARCs have all of the equipment required to return the valve to “like new” condition.

Access to OEM parts

MARCs are the only repair centers authorized to maintain an inventory of Masoneilan OEM parts, so they are the only facilities that can guarantee your valve will indeed be “like new.”

The most qualified technicians for the job

MARC technicians are certified experts in Masoneilan valve repair. Every MARC technician completes mandatory factory-sponsored training on Masoneilan valve and equipment diagnostics and repair. Allied’s technicians are some of the most highly trained in the business, so you can be sure your valves are in good hands.

A global service network

Allied’s five MARCs in the Upper Midwest region of the United States are part of a global network of 75 facilities spanning more than 30 countries. This means you get the service you need quickly, wherever you are.

We have an expert team of MARC technicians available to make sure your control valves are doing their job. Contact us today to learn more.

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