Allied Valve HQ Named Consolidated Green Tag Center of the Year for 2016

Allied Valve Inc. is thrilled to announce that our headquarters location in Riverdale, Iowa, has been named the Consolidated Green Tag Center (GTC) of the Year for 2016. Each year, the award recognizes a single GTC location that demonstrates exceptional growth, innovative changes, and an overall improved environment for Consolidated customers. Allied Valve was selected for 2016 because of the company’s many new initiatives focused on promoting safety and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Allied Valve President and CEO Barry Shoulders, commented: “We are honored to be recognized as 2016’s Green Tag Center of the Year. Since its founding in 1950, Allied Valve has been committed to keeping our customers safe and compliant. The GTC program helps us realize this vision by providing access to the latest knowledge and technologies for pressure relief valves. This award validates the high standard of excellence we hold ourselves to and redoubles our commitment to continued improvement in the future. While the Riverdale location was selected, all Allied Valve employees participate in our success every day.”

Allied Valve was one of the original GTC centers, receiving its first GTC designation in 1982, the same year the program began as a way of ensuring consistency and reliability across facilities that assemble, test, and repair Consolidated pressure relief valves.

Certified GTCs can deliver a suite of services not available from other providers:

  • Access to a large inventory of Consolidated valves
  • Fast delivery of critical valves and valve parts
  • Access to the most up-to-date information about Consolidated valves
  • Valves repaired and recertified to like-new condition
  • Advanced valve testing with the factory-authorized Electronic Valve Tester (EVT)
  • Valve performance tracking and maintenance management with ValvKeep valve management software

Today, the GTC network comprises more than 80 facilities spanning 30 countries. Allied Valve is proud to operate five GTCs across the Midwest.

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