High Inlet Losses? Valve Damage? Time to Upgrade Your Direct Spring PRVs

Are you experiencing high inlet losses? Do you want to operate your systems at a higher pressure to increase production? If you’re using direct spring pressure relief valves, you might want to consider upgrading to a Consolidated 2900 Series pilot-operated safety relief valve.

Consolidated 2900 pilot-operated safety relief valve

The challenge: Damage resulting from an improperly specified direct spring valve

Direct spring valves are widely used in the oil and gas, power, and chemical industries. While they have many advantages, they can’t meet the needs of every application.

Valve chatter, which can be caused by high inlet line loss or an oversized valve, is a telltale sign that your direct spring valve has been improperly specified. Over time, valve chatter can damage your piping system. Similarly, high operating pressure can cause direct spring PRVs to leak, resulting in fugitive emissions and product loss. Both of these situations can necessitate costly repairs.

The solution: BHGE’s Consolidated 2900 Series pilot-operated safety relief valve

The Consolidated 2900 is the only pilot valve with center-to-face dimensions compatible with any API 526 valve. That means you can upgrade without having to make piping modifications. Not only that, but it’s 15% smaller than the average direct spring valve, which means it’s ideal for systems with weight and space limitations.

This valve offers:

  • Seat tightness up to 98% of set pressure
  • Minimal blowdown
  • Remote sensing capability
  • A variety of modular options and accessories

Cost benefits of the Consolidated 2900:

  • Because no piping modifications are required, installation costs are $5,000 to $15,000 less than for a typical pilot valve.
  • The 2900 only relieves the minimum amount required to protect your system, saving you up to $50,000 per release.

Allied Valve is a Consolidated Green Tag Center (GTC) and is factory-authorized to upgrade direct spring PRVs to Consolidated 2900 pilot-operated safety relief valves. Contact us for more information.

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