The end of summer is fast approaching, and for many in the energy and chemical sectors, that means a planned outage.

But this fall outage season will look a little different from most. The onset of the pandemic earlier this year meant many plants had to cancel their spring outages. As a result, they didn’t get the chance to perform necessary maintenance, and many are now dealing with emergency situations. As an added challenge, some vendors’ schedules are completely booked, so outages that normally would have happened in September or early October have been pushed as late as November.

These circumstances will make it extra difficult for plant managers to keep their outages on schedule and within budget. Allied Valve has been helping plants plan and execute outages for decades. Here are four ways we can help during this uniquely challenging season.

Shorter lead times with ValvFAST

As you probably know, it could take longer to manufacture a valve because of material availability caused by COVID-19. Because of the increased demand, manufacturers’ lead times right now are even longer than usual.

Fortunately, with ValvFAST, you can get the valves you need when you need them.

ValvFAST is a Baker Hughes program that enables certified Masoneilan Authorized Representatives, like Allied Valve, to quickly configure Masoneilan control valves instead of waiting for a valve from the factory. This program gives you:

  • On-time delivery — some valves are available in as little as 24 hours
  • Reduced downtime — so you get back up and running quickly
  • Trusted quality — we are the Authorized Masoneilan Assembler and Masoneilan Authorized Repair Center (MARC) in the upper Midwest

We stock over $2.5 million dollars worth of Masoneilan valves and parts to provide you with the shortest lead times available.

Worry-free outages with Masoneilan’s Camflex GR and LincolnLog control valves

Save money now and set yourself up for worry-free outages in the future with Masoneilan’s Camflex GR and LincolnLog control valves.

Camflex GR

The Camflex GR reduces fugitive emissions by eliminating leak paths. It’s lightweight, offers precise control, and requires very little servicing. The Camflex GR replaces most globe valves without requiring piping modifications. 

With the ValvFAST program, we can have Camflex GR valves available for delivery in as little as 24 hours.

Learn more about this innovative solution:


If you need a reliable, cost-effective severe service control valve, look no further than the Masoneilan LincolnLog. We like to refer to the LincolnLog as a “sleep-at-night control valve,” because it’s one of those rare pieces of equipment that you really can install and have worry-free nights for years to come.

By installing a LincolnLog now, you can make future outages much easier. The valve requires very little maintenance and will hardly ever appear on your repair list. 

Learn more about this worry-free solution:

Fast repair and maintenance with on-site service

If you’re in a time crunch, you might not be able to wait for valves to be transported to and from the shop for service and repair. We have the largest service fleet in the northern United States and more than 125 factory-trained technicians who can provide service on-site or in the shop. In addition, our mobile lab service brings valve repair directly to your facility.

Easy future planning with the ValvKeep valve management program

For your upcoming outage, you probably already have a scope of work defined. But what about the next one and the one after that?

In our many years in the industry, we’ve seen companies spend millions of dollars more than they planned to during outages. For example, if you get into an outage and discover that you need a part you don’t have, you’ll likely pay a higher price to expedite that needed part. 

With the ValvKeep valve management program, we can help you anticipate these needs and eliminate extra costs. Here’s how it works:

  • We survey all the valves in your plant to get a performance baseline using our ValScope Pro diagnostic equipment.
  • Over time, we measure the wear and tear on each valve to create a scope of work for future outage planning.
  • We help you identify what parts and spares you might need so you can have them available in advance. We can also stock the parts for you in one of our local Masoneilan factory-certified locations.
  • We can make recommendations for different valves — like the Camflex GR or the LincolnLog — that will provide a better long-term solution.

Overall, we can help you better prepare for the future, which can potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you take the stress out of outage planning and execution.

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