For plant engineers and maintenance supervisors in the oil and gas, chemical, and petrochemical industries, fugitive emissions are always top of mind. The EPA takes emissions very seriously, and companies that don’t comply with regulations can face fines or worse.

Since control valves are a leading source of fugitive emissions, and since the O&G and chemical/petrochemical industries use so many of these valves, they represent the biggest opportunity for improvement.

Masoneilan’s Camflex GR rotary valve combined with low-emissions, aka Low-E, packing is the best solution on the market for reducing emissions. It is also cost-effective thanks to its  precise control and low maintenance requirements.

Control valve leak paths

Typical reciprocating control valves have three leak paths:

  1. The pipeline flange gasket joint
  2. The stem-seal packing box interface
  3. The body-bonnet gasket joint

As a rotary valve, the Camflex GR has an integrated body and bonnet, eliminating the third leak path. Of the two leak paths remaining, the stem packing is the only one that valve manufacturers can control.

Low-E valve packing

The EPA defines low-emissions packing as follows:

A valve packing product, independent of any specific valve, that has been tested by the manufacturer or a qualified testing firm pursuant to generally-accepted good engineering practices for testing fugitive emissions, and that, during the test, at no time leaked at greater than 500 ppm, and on average, leaked at less than 100 ppm. 

Masoneilan’s Low-E packing not only meets, but exceeds these requirements. The Low-E Series has been third-party verified for compliance to the EPA’s Certified Low-Leak Technology (CLLT) standards. When used with the Camflex GR valve, the leak rate for the Low-E series is only 1 ppm, which is lower than for any competitive products.

Additional testing information:

  • Tested with both methane and helium media to ISO 15848-1
  • Tested for high and cryogenic temperatures
  • 4 thermal cycles and 100,000 mechanical cycles

Key features of the Camflex GR

If you already have Masoneilan control valves in your facility or on your pipeline, you can upgrade them with Low-E packing using a field retrofit kit. But, if you’re installing new valves or replacing old ones, we highly recommend you consider the Camflex GR. 

We’ve written before about the major benefits of this valve. Here, we’ll go into a little more detail about the design features that put this valve a cut above the rest.

Universal design

The Camflex GR valve incorporates an eccentric rotating plug that combines the advantages of rotary motion with the best features of a globe-style control valve. This makes the valve highly adaptable and capable of handling roughly 80% of applications in any given plant.

The flangeless construction contributes to the valve’s versatility. The same valve can be used to mount ANSI Class 150, 300, or 600 flanges, so there’s no need to stock a variety of different valves.

No seat ring friction

The eccentric plug design eliminates the seat ring friction common in other rotary valves. The seat portion of the plug is spherical and is rotated through a nominal 50° angle, and the center of the plug is offset from the shaft axis. Because of this, there is no plug/seat contact until the moment of seating, which means there is no friction, and thus no rapid seat wear.

Reliable tight shut-off

The plug design also provides tight shut-off with less force than what’s typically required for globe and butterfly valves. As the plug approaches the seat, the leading edge contacts the seat ring first, and then an additional actuator thrust moves the plug down and forward into the seat. A positive seal between plug and seat is achieved by the elastic deformation of the plug arms — as the plug seats, the arms “flex.”

No backlash

The rotary shaft is splined at both the plug and lever arm connections. This rugged, precise construction completely eliminates backlash and the need for pins or keys.  

Multiple possible installation positions

The Camflex GR is only about one-third to one-half the size of a standard reciprocating globe valve, so it can suit  a variety of piping needs. The valve body can be rotated in different positions depending on the number of bolt holes in the mating flanges, and the actuator can be mounted in different orientations in relationship to the valve body.

Easy maintenance

The Camflex GR has established a strong reputation as a valve that is easy to maintain. The elimination of gaskets and the straight-through flow pattern prevent distortion, erosion, and sediment collection, which are the main reasons other control valves require service.

When the time comes to replace the packing, it’s a simple process. All you have to do is disengage the safety pin and extract the shaft to remove the packing from the packing box.

Additional features

  • High flow capacity with moderate pressure recovery
  • Reduced trim options — 3 trim sizes in each valve size: full area, 0.6 factor, 0.4 factor
  • Powerful actuator with total enclosure of all moving parts
  • Positioner connected directly to the rotary shaft
  • Highly visible valve position indicator
  • Triple bearing system

If the EPA inspects your facility and finds a leak, you have a problem. The Camflex GR with Low-E packing is the solution. Contact us to learn more.

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