4 Reasons Your Valve Technicians Should Be Factory Trained

We understand that you have choices when it comes to valve maintenance and repair. You may even have technicians on-site that you task with keeping your valves in good working order. Here are four reasons why anyone who performs any type of service on your valves needs to be factory trained.

The goal of valve repair is to return the valve to like-new condition

The goal of valve repair is to return your valve to the same working condition as when you first installed it. This means the technician should have a solid understanding of what the valve was like when it was new. Only factory training can provide this depth of knowledge.

Many valve repair services also require OEM parts. For some types of valves, like Masoneilan control valves, only authorized repair centers with factory-trained technicians have access to these parts.

Trained technicians can do the service work better and faster

You may be able to hire a non-factory trained technician for less than one with the proper certifications. But you will pay for it many times over in the form of inefficiency and unnecessary errors.

Factory-trained technicians have hands-on experience with all types of valves. They know their valves inside and out, which means they can diagnose even difficult problems and provide the best solutions.

As an example, one of the most common problems our technicians encounter is a stuck pipeline valve that has been lubricated repeatedly, but still won’t move. As it turns out, it’s usually not a lubrication problem at all. It’s more likely to be a damaged valve seat, dried up elastomeric seals, or a misaligned gearbox. Technicians without proper training probably won’t even know to look for these problems.

Trained technicians can find problems before they happen

One of the best ways to avoid expensive downtime and repairs is to find problems before they happen. Factory training supplies technicians with the knowledge necessary to evaluate not only the valve, but the entire assembly and the context in which the valve operates. By doing this, they can spot potential problems before they occur.

Untrained technicians might damage a valve or voids its warranty

A technician without the proper training might inadvertently do much more harm than good. For example, safety valves with Thermodiscs are designed for steam service only. If you open this type of valve with a liquid, you could do irreparable damage and also void the warranty.

A factory-trained technician will know these requirements, so they won’t make these kinds of costly mistakes.

Einstein famously said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” Factory-trained technicians have the knowledge and the experience to do the job right. Read more about valve technician training and the value that highly trained technicians can provide for you.

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