Spring is fast approaching! That means you’re probably busy planning your next new project or scheduled turnaround.

When it comes to reviewing valve service and replacement requirements, three critical pieces of equipment are often overlooked:

  • Rupture discs – All rupture discs can weaken over time, which can cause a leak path or premature burst while your system is running. We recommend replacing them during your turnaround to eliminate this concern. Do you have spare discs on your shelf for a swap out?
  • Conservation/tank vents – These valves can develop a cut in their soft seat material, so replacing this material is necessary to maintain low emissions. It’s a very simple repair, but soft goods parts need to be purchased in advance.
  • Flame arresters – Flame arresters can clog over time and need to be cleaned out or have the flame banks replaced.

Allied Valve is proud to be the local representative for Continental Disc rupture discs and Groth tank vents, blanket gas regulators, and flame arresters in the Upper Midwest.

We are also a Groth Authorized Repair Dealer (GARD), meaning that we know how to repair tank vents properly and test them to assure they meet emission standards.

Please contact us today if we can help you plan for an upcoming new project or turnaround.

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