Masoneilan 48000 Series Cage-Guided Control Valve

The 48000 Series control valves are designed especially for high-temperature and high-pressure steam services where the cages tend to be deformed due to high heat-cycle frequency or thermal stress from sudden changes in temperature.


  • Sizes: 2” through 10”
  • ANSI Ratings: 1500 through 2500
  • ANSI Leakage: Class II, III, IV, V
  • Cv Range: 3.8 to 640
  • Materials: Carbon steel, Chrome-moly, Low-alloy steel
  • Connections: SW, BW, flanged (RF, RTJ)
  • Actuators: Cylinder


  • Turbine bypass
  • Boiler auxiliary steam pressure
  • Turbine-gland steam pressure
  • Soot-blower steam pressure
  • Main air-ejector steam pressure
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