Allied Valve Boosts Control Valve Testing Capability with Barbee TF 100-DAQ

How confident are you that your control valves are performing to API specifications?

If you couldn’t answer 100%, there’s a problem. These valves are the final control elements in your industrial control systems. You need to know you can count on them to do their job.

To help you gain that confidence, we recently started using the Barbee TF 100-DAQ control valve tester for every new valve we assemble.

Here’s what this tool can do:

  • Test control valves, ball valves, and other line valves
  • Perform hydrostatic shell testing (up to 10,000 psi) and seat testing to ensure valves are performing to API standards, including API 6D
  • Accurately chart hydrostatic testing, flow testing, and bubble testing
  • Transfer information into data acquisition software to generate test reports

Using the Barbee TF 100-DAQ control valve tester is just one more way we show our dedication to supporting our customers.

Barbee Tester with Masoneilan control valve

Test Stand 2

Test Stand 3

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