Masoneilan V-LOG Energy Management Trim

Integrated smart engineered solutions for severe service applications

Severe service applications present technical challenges associated with the high energy of the flow stream. V-LOG Energy Management trim meets these challenges, including the energy-related issues of noise and vibration, and stringent demands for control performance. Benefiting from a very scalable trim design architecture, V-LOG trim offers a customized solution for a broad set of severe compressible fluid and liquid applications. Each V-LOG trim solution is designed to meet customer requirements including tight shutoff, fast opening speeds, operational stability, and precision control over a wide range of operating conditions.

  • 49000 series: Globe configuration
  • 72000 series: Angle-bodied design


  • Scalable trim design
  • Operational stability
  • Precision control


  • Liquified natural gas
  • Compressor recycle & anti-surge
  • Gas production
  • Gas storage & well re-injection
  • Power generation
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