Masoneilan 215X1 Series Control Valve

Originally designed in conjunction with UOP®, the Masoneilan® 215X1 Series is used in severe on-off service within the UOP Lock Hopper control systems as part of their Continuous Catalyst Regeneration Platforming Process. The 215X1 Series design construction is based on the highly successful and reliable 21000 Series unbalanced single ported control valves.


  • Heavy top-guiding
  • Over travel seating
  • Protected tight shutoff
  • Severe service performance
  • Long life-cycle
  • Field proven design
  • Ease of maintenance


Flow direction

  • Over travel: Flow-to-close


  • Type: High capacity globe
  • Rating: ASME Class 300
  • End connections: RFF


  • Type: Bolted

Body and bonnet

  • Materials: Carbon steel


  • Plug type: Over travel
  • Seat type: Primary hard metal seat; Secondary soft seat
  • Seat ring: Threaded
  • Guide: Heavy top guided
  • Capacity: Full area
  • Characteristic: Modified linear


  • Type: Spring-diaphragm
  • Handwheel: Optional
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