Masoneilan 35002 Camflex II Rotary Globe Control Valve

The Camflex II eccentric plug control valve effectively combines enhanced control performance, simplicity and long-term reliability for a broad range of applications.

Product Features

  • Rugged construction with a splined plug shaft and a triple bearing system minimizes backlash and provides exceptional support and guiding
  • ANSI Class 600 construction with many trim configurations to handle temperatures ranging from -200° C (-320° F) to +400° C (+750° F) and standard ANSI Class IV leakage
  • Eccentric rotating, self-aligning plug for a reliable tight shut-off
  • Total enclosure provides complete protection
  • Protected handwheel shaft
  • Increased actuator power for more positive seating
  • Direct mounted positioner eliminates all linkage for better accuracy and repeatability


  • Sizes: 1” through 16”
  • ANSI Ratings: Class 150 through 600
  • ANSI Leakage: Class IV, VI
  • Cv Range: 2.8 to 3650
  • Materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel, chrome moly
  • Connections: NPT, flangeless bolted, flanged
  • Actuators: Spring-diaphragm, pneumatic cylinder


  • Heater drain
  • General service
  • Low pressure steam
  • Flash tank
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