Kunkle Safety Valves Models 912 and 913

ASME Section VIII, air/steam/gas/liquid, “UV” National Board certified. Also available for vacuum service. PED certified for non-hazardous gas.

Model 912: Full nozzle design. Stainless steel warn ring and disc with brass/bronze base. Bronze/brass body and bonnet.

Model 913: Full nozzle design. Bronze/brass body and bonnet. 316 stainless steel trim.

Product Features

  • Available with soft seat
  • Threaded cap is standard (back pressure tight)
  • Hex on valve nozzle provides for easy installation
  • Warn ring offers easy adjustability
  • Pivoting disc design corrects misalignment and offers exceptional performance
  • Guide to nozzle ratio reduces friction
  • Full nozzle design for optimum flow performance
  • Threaded side outlet for piped off discharge to eliminate fugitive emissions


  • ASME Section VIII
  • Sizes 1/2″ to 2″
  • Model 912: Pressures from 3 to 250 psig; Temperatures from -320° to 406°F
  • Model 913: Pressures from 3 to 300 psig; Temperatures from -320° to 425°F
  • Plain lever and packed lever options available
  • UV Stamp


  • Steam


  • Air/gas compressors – intercoolers – aftercoolers.
  • Liquid filled pressure vessels/systems – ASME Section VIII (UV).
  • Pressure vessels – containing gas, air, liquid or steam. Including tanks and receivers.
  • Vacuum systems including pumps, tanks and equipment.
  • Optional materials for low temperature – cryogenic applications.
  • Overpressure relief and protection of Code: pumps, tanks, lines and hydraulic systems.
  • By-pass relief or pressure regulation.
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