Kunkle Drip Pan Elbow Model 299

Drip pan elbow. Recommended installation on outlet/discharge pipe for safety valves.

Product Features

  • Discharge elbow and drip pan unit attaches to a safety valve with female NPT outlet


  • For safety valves with flanged outlets – 2″ to 4″ – use companion flange, short nipple and drip pan elbow, all same size as valve outlet. 6″ and 8″ elbows have integral 125# ANSI B16.1 Flange.


  • Steam


  • Length of discharge piping must be kept to a minimum.
  • For design considerations see articles: “Steam Flow Through Safety Valve Vent Pipes” by H.E. Brandmaier and M.E. Knebel (Dec. 1975) and “Analysis of Power Plant Safety and Relief Valve Vent Stacks” by G.S. Liao (Nov. 1974) available through ASME Publications.
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