EIM 2000LP Multi-Turn Pneumatic Actuators

Low pressure air/gas power for gate and large bore quarter-turn valves

Product Features

  • Adaptable to quarter-turn or multi-turn applications
  • Directly mounting on rising stem valves
  • Manual override, travel limits, and torque protection are standard
  • Highly visible position indication dial available when using electric control pack
  • Usable with bevel or worm gears
  • Local/remote controls
  • Padlockable clutch handle in either hand or motor position
  • Handwheel operation in power loss or emergency operation
  • Corrosion resistant valving
  • MSS or ISO mounting flanges
  • More economical than linear piston actuator
  • Provides reliable emergency shutdown service
  • Can be equipped for operation with pressurized air, nitrogen or natural gas
  • Hundreds of torque/thrust/speed combinations available
  • Compact design for space saving installations
  • Mechanically locks valve in place when idle
  • Eliminates hydraulic manual override
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