HPX-PT™ Pre-Torqued Holders

HPX-PT pre-torqued holders incorporate high strength steel socket head cap screws to ensure accurate loading and sealing of the HPX™ rupture disc

Common installations

  • Process equipment having glass or TEFLON® lined flanges that cannot provide the compression required to seal the rupture disc in the holder
  • Installations where the piping arrangement restricts access preventing correct torque loading of the flange fasteners
  • Challenging processes requiring regular removal of the rupture disc and holder assembly for inspection
  • Applications requiring leak testing of the rupture disc assembly prior to installation in the piping system


  • Allows a precise torque load to be applied in the controlled environment of a workshop prior to installation
  • Maintains precise loading of the rupture disc where poor flange alignment and gasket cold flow may be an issue
  • Pre-torqued holder screws are protected with NEDOX® surface coating that will not chip, peel or flake off. The NEDOX® coating prevents wear, sticking and galling of the screws, and provides corrosion resistance superior to stainless steel, and chromium or nickel platings


  • Compatible with the HPX™ rupture disc products
  • Standard sizes ranging from 1” through 8” (25 mm to 160 mm)
  • Available in various sizes and bolting classes
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