Cash Valve Types A-360, A-361, and A-365 Industrial Pressure Regulators

Single seated and self-actuating compact diaphragm-type regulators covering a wide range of designs and operating pressures

Product Features

  • Reduce high inlet pressures to lower outlet pressures within close limits.
  • All brass or bronze bodies with inbuilt strainer.
  • Easily renewable disc-piston assembly.
  • Screwed-in cylinder body seat provides for easy removal.
  • Self contained strainer protects working parts.
  • A-360 and A-361 incorporate an aspirating action to give exceptional regulation at high flow rates.
  • Fillister or hex head adjusting screws standard; wing lock nut, T-bar handle, handwheel or tamper-proof seal caps available.
  • Balanced piston design either standard or optional depending on model.


  • Materials: Brass, bronze
  • Sizes: ¼”, ⅜” and ½” (7, 10.5 and 15 mm)
  • Connections: Threaded NPTF
  • Body styles: Type A-360 and A-365 – two-way valve with one female inlet and opposite female outlet; Type A-361 – adaptable for three-way or four-way use.
  • Inlet pressure range: 250 to 1100 psi (17.2 to 76 bar)
  • Reduced pressure range: 0 to 250 psi (0 to 17.2 bar)
  • Max. temperature: 180°F (82°C)
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