How the Power Industry Can Save Time and Money with the Cornerstone TP-1 In-Line Repairable Severe Service Ball Valve

How much money do you lose to bad-acting valves every year? Probably much more than you think.

  • Valve leakage is estimated to cost power plants $1.2 billion annually.
  • Valve failures can cause safety problems and lead to unplanned downtime.
  • Cutting a valve out of line for service or repair can cost several thousands of dollars.

In an industry where profitability depends on efficiency, these issues can take a big bite out of your bottom line.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve recently added Cornerstone Valve’s TP-1 Top Entry Ball Valve to our offerings. This zero leakage – severe service ball valve, made in the Houston area, is a unique solution with myriad benefits for the power industry.

Let’s look at how this valve can save you time and money.

Totally in-line repairable

We’ll start with the biggest advantage: once it’s welded in, you never have to cut it out again.

As you know, the only way to service and repair most valves is to cut them out of line. Then, when the repair work is done, you need to put it back in line, which requires machining to the end prep, welding, stress relieving to normalize the metals, and dye penetrant testing to check for leaks.

This process is very expensive. Just cutting a valve out and replacing it can run you anywhere from $6,000 to $12,000 — as much or more than the cost of a new valve. It also takes time — for a valve in a supercritical application, the stress relieving step alone can take 20 hours or more.

With the TP-1 power valve, none of this is necessary. After the first installation, there’s no cutting, welding, stress relief, or x-ray required!

This reduces your cost of ownership significantly. The repair kit is approximately 45% the price of a new valve, and the repair time is 3 hours or less. Think about what that means on a larger scale — by standardizing your plant on this valve, you could conceivably cut your 2-week planned outage down to 1 week.

The bottom line is that once you get the TP-1 in, you’re set. You simply don’t have to do much else to it.

Lower cost of spare parts

The TP-1 series offers different bore sizes (1”, 1 1/2”, and 2”) and dual-certified designs, which together cover pressure classes up through class 4500:

  • The standard valve is dual certified for class 1500 and class 2500.
  • The higher-pressure valve is dual certified for class 3100 and class 4500.

Since these valve designs serve multiple pressure classes, spare parts requirements may be minimized.  

Note: Please contact us for other bore sizes and / or lower pressure classes

Requires a smaller actuator compared to competitors’ valves

The TP-1 is a trunnion-mounted ball valve, not a floating ball valve. Because of its design, the valve is highly supported on both the top and the bottom, with a one-piece ball and stem that rotates in the bearings. As a result, it has significantly lower torque than similar valves.

The advantage to having less torque is that the valve can be actuated by smaller actuator. This reduces the cost of the overall package, especially when the valve is automated.

High-cycling applications

Another advantage of the valve being bearing-supported on both the top and bottom is that it performs well in high-cycling applications.

Some valve manufacturers only guarantee their valves for 1000 cycles. Running at about 2 cycles/day, a 1000-cycle valve would last for only 8 to 10 months. Cornerstone’s TP-1 can handle much more and last much longer.

Is the TP-1 right for you

The TP-1 severe service valve is applicable across the power industry — in coal plants, combined-cycle plants, and any facilities that use a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG).

It’s offered with 6-inch pipe pups to meet your plant’s exact piping needs, and it’s available in F22 (subcritical) and F91 (supercritical) for a wide range of upstream application areas. Other materials of construction are available upon request, and it’s also available in SW, BW, and other end connections. Finally, the TP-1 comes with a 4-year warranty on materials and workmanship.



  • Control Valve Isolation
  • Main Steam Stop/Isolation
  • Feedwater Heater Isolation
  • Boiler Feed Pump Isolation
  • Bottom Ash Isolation
  • Steam Trap Isolation
  • Turbine Isolation
  • Superheater Spray Isolation
  • Gauge Glass/Instrument Isolation
  • Pump Isolation

  • Main Boiler Drain
  • Condensate Drain
  • Main Steam Drain and Vent
  • Economizer Drain
  • Preheat Drain
  • Turbine Drain

  • Bottom Blowdown
  • Economizer Sampling
  • Bypass Lines
  • Blowdown

  • Blocking Valves after Control Valves
  • Steam Letdown & Control
  • Boiler Venting
  • Condensate Block & Control
  • Soot Blower Applications
  • Main Steam Supply
  • Steam Turbine Drains
  • Attemperating
  • Feedwater Isolation
  • Feedwater Bypass
  • Noise Control
  • Steam Drum Vent
  • Superheated Steam
  • Boiler Recirculation

Cornerstone Valve built the first in-line repairable valve for the power industry more than two decades ago, and they’ve been a leader in this industry ever since. We’re proud to be able to provide these valves to you.

To learn more about the Cornerstone TP-1 Top Entry Ball Valve, download the spec sheet and view the severe service sizing sheet.

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