Pressure Relief Valve Repair

We offer full-service pressure relief and safety valve repair for air, steam, and liquid service, both in the shop and in the field.

We use only original parts and guarantee to return your valve to like-new or better condition, so you have total assurance that your valves will work properly.

National Board Authorized VR Repair Center


Allied Valve received the #4 VR stamp issued by the National Board

  • Complete repair, setting, and testing services for any valve
  • Complete shop and field service

Consolidated Authorized Green Tag Center

  • New valve assembly
  • Aftermarket support services

ValvKeep for Process Safety Management

  • All service records go into ValvKeep for process safety management
  • You can track and print records for each valve to prove reliability based on historical test results
  • ValvKeep also makes it easy to identify any bad actors in need of service and repair

Oxygen Cleaning

  • Certified oxygen cleaning for valves to remove combustible contaminants