PBV Floating Flanged Ball Valves Series 6400, 4400, 5400, 6500, 4500

Series 4400 RP & 6400 FP 2 Piece Stem Packing Ball Valves

Series 5400 RP Unibody Stem Packing Ball Valves

Series 4500 RP & 6500 FP 2 Piece O-Ring Stem Seal Ball Valves

Product Features

  • Body materials are ASME material grades WCB, LCC, and CF8M, with Stainless Steel trim; other materials available on request
  • Tested to API 6D or 598
  • Fully encapsulated body seals
  • Double flat shape at the top of the stem indicates ball position
  • Bubble-tight sealing is achieved by the use of two rigid seats firmly secured in the valve body on either side of the ball
  • Bi-directional sealing design
  • Equalized cavity pressure
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